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Lsoft Technologies is the leading solution provider organisation in education field. We at Lsoft Technologies always strive to give best to the students and help them to prepare for all national level competitive examinations. With this aim, Lsoft Technologies has come up with a unique concept of test series which will give you comfort of solving test sitting at home.

Test series has been designed especially for student preparing for Medical and Engineering entrance examinations. Series of test papers designed as per the latest syllabus of examination giving the student feel of final examination process. Test papers come with OMR answer sheet same as the final exam and student are expected to solve paper on OMR answer sheet.

Lsoft Technologies is one and the only organisation which focuses on OMR assessment services. OMR assessment is done for all national level competitive examinations for educational institutes and students. Lsoft Technologies carry out computerised checking of OMR answer sheet and provide detailed analysis of student performance for each paper.

Salient Features

  • Question papers designed by experienced and renowned professors as per JEE-MAINS and MH-CET/AIPMT standards.
  • JEE-MAIN and MH-CET/AIPMT standards OMR Answer Sheet for each test paper.
  • Test series includes Chapter wise, Group wise and Full portion test papers with Hints & Solutions.
  • Complete Analysis Report of student’s performance for all tests with Ranking.
  • Students can solve the test paper as per their convenience, time and syllabus covered in the class at their destination.
  • Cost Effective and Time Saving solution.
  • High quality printed question papers.

Exclusive Benefits to the students

  • REDUCES FEAR OF JEE-MAIN / MH-CET EXAM - By solving test papers as per the final examination pattern throughout the year, students will get rid of final exam.
  • BOOST CONFIDENCE LEVEL - Regular test practice will boost student’s confidence remarkably.
  • IMPROVES KNOWLEDGE - Regular solving of test papers helps to improve knowledge.
  • IMPROVES TIME MANAGEMENT SKILL - Help students to improve time management skill and also help them to complete every question in predefined time limit.
  • IMPROVES AWARENESS- Helps to know about Version Number, Booklet Number, Test Number and what their importance is and how to fill them on OMR Answer Sheets.
  • IMPROVES QUALITY & ACCURACY - Quality and accuracy are two important factors while filling OMR sheet circles and this test series helps students to be expertise.
  • RELIEVES STRESS - Many times different types of OMR Sheets create stress and confusion in student’s mind. The regular practice helps them to overcome stress and confusion.
  • FINDING WEAKNESS - Reports provided post OMR answer sheet assessment, help students to find out their weakness (Weak Subject, Chapter etc)
  • FINDING OUT TECHNICAL MISTAKES - Usually students make many mistakes while filling OMR answer sheets, OMR reports help students to identify their mistakes and correct them which indirectly help them to improve their final score.
  • INCREASES COMPETITIVENESS - Ranking reports help students to know where they stand which improve competitiveness.
  • SELF ASSESSMENT - Performance Reports help students to assess their own performance.

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