Lsoft Technologies is into OMR sheet designing, printing and checking for last 12 years. After the experience of 12 years and doing research in filling the OMR sheets, we found that the Time Management is very important in filling OMR sheets. Many a times, it happens that the students know the answers but the time is over and they get less marks than they could have got. It is clear that the students can save time in filling the circles on the OMR sheets. So we directed our research in that direction.

The students get approximately 2 minutes to solve one question in JEE-MAIN and 1 minute in case of MH-CET. Approx. 6 to 7 seconds are required to fill the circle properly, if we use a normal 0.5 mm tip ball pen. If we use a pen with a broad tip and that can fill-up the circles faster without leaving blots on the OMR sheets, we can save at least 2 seconds per circle as per our observation. So in case of 180 questions, we can save approx. 360 seconds i. e. 6 minutes (3 minutes in case of 90 questions). Saved time can be utilized for solving few more questions and get more marks.

Taking this into consideration, Lsoft has designed a pen especially for OMR filling. The tip of the refill used in this pen is 1 mm. The ink flow is controlled by a special technique to avoid the ink spreading on the paper (OMR sheet). The pen is also smooth in writing so the students do not have to press the tip hard against the paper. This saves the students from fatigue. Due to the broader tip, the student can fill the circle in lesser time and get more time for solving the question paper. The grip of the pen is also specially designed so that the sweating has minimum effect on writing.


  • Broad tip.
  • Controlled ink flow.
  • Smooth writing.
  • Non sweating grip.
  • Transparent body.
  • Optimum length.


  • Saves time in filling the circles that can be utilized for solving more questions.
  • Smooth writing so does not require pressing the tip hard hence no fatigue.
  • Transparent body enables the students to see quantity of ink remaining in the refill.
  • The cap/clip of the pen can be used for branding.
  • Controlled ink flow, so no blotting and spreading.
  • Special grip minimizes the effect of sweating on writing.


Packages Rates (in Rs.)
A SET OF 10 PENS 100/-

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